Upcoming Exhibitions

Insider Art: Spring 2016
3 September – 27 November

Insider Art Spring: 2016 will provide visitors with the chance to see the most current collection of artworks and creative projects produced inside Western Australia’s Prisons.  Exhibited in the Fremantle Prison Gallery, formerly an operational print shop run by prisoners, this new collection of works is a stylistically diverse treasure trove of cultural and creative practices. For prisoners the arts is not just an important part of strengthening ties with community and country, it is also a way to engage in the rehabilitation process by promoting new interests and encouraging the development of untapped potential.

The Department of Corrective Services and the State Heritage Office are proud to give visitors from around the world an insight into the creativity and ideas of those incarcerated and an opportunity to catch a glimpse of an integral part of prison life and education.


Insider Art: Summer 2016
3 December 2016 – 26 February 2017

 Watch this space for more information regarding Insider Art Summer: 2016